It Is 2023! Time To Start Creating!

When the covid zombie apocalypse was thrust upon us by our corrupt government, the whole world changed! People were actually afraid of the AIR! I shut down my eight vendor booths, and stopped doing anything. I really have not used my shop machines and tools much since 2019.

Now it is 2023. I have been adding machines and tools to both the wood shop and the metal shop. I have a “To Do” list that would require me to clone myself fifty times over, just to get everything done.

You cannot hire anyone now. Young and inexperienced people all want $25.00 per hour just to stare at their phones! Older folks, yes … but due to my own health (or lack of it) I worry about older folks falling off of a roof, or down a flight of stairs, or getting hurt trying to lift something, or move something that is beyond their years while they try to convince themselves that they’ve still got it!

A very good friend was helping me, and we worked well together. However, he suffered a massive stroke on New Year’s Even 2021, and now he is very limited in what he can do. So I am a one-man show now.

In the past three years I have added many things to my shops:

  • A 48″ 12 Gauge Finger Brake from Grizzly Tools
  • A 21″ Helical Planer from Grizzly Tools
  • A large dust collection unit.
  • Four X-Tool laser machines with the 20 Watt and 40 Watt blue diode lasers, and two 5 Watt Infrared heads.
  • A new X-TOOL P2 55 Watt CO2 laser machine. I am REALLY excited about this one!
  • I traded in my 2018 F150 for a 2022 F250
  • I recently replaced my stolen car carrier trailer with a new custom built gooseneck trailer.
  • I added a CreatBot D600 PRO 3D Printer
  • I also got the Einstar Handheld 3D scanner.

So my shops are VERY capable. In fact, I am now the only ‘weak link’ in the process to make my millions! However, I am going to give the old college try! I will get back out thee and see what I can accomplish.

My GOAL is to begin producing Christmas decorations, and Halloween decorations, in quantities that will make for a great craft show sale near the end of the year. I want to get a booth at the big Nashville Christmas Show at the Grand Old Opry. That is ‘Spensive, Lucy! So I have to force myself to produce an inventory to SELL!

Wish me luck!


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