2023 Has Flown By Without Me

Here it is, September 10th already, and things are just not happening. I had every intention of getting back at it, and making 2023 a fantastic year for new products and designs.

Life had other plans. I took the opportunity to trade in my 2018 Ford F150 which was a BEAUTIFUL truck. I drove home in a new 2022 F250, which is very nice, but a completely different beast. I wanted a truck with more UMPH! More towing capacity, and more ability to tow larger trailers. The trade off was the additional expense of course, along with moving from 22 MPG to 13 MPG. I notice the extra fuel costs, but I have come to love this truck as well.

A huge April storm ripped shingles off of my roof, and did other damage, as well as much worse damage to 87,000 other homes in the area. So I had to wrestle with my insurance company, because they wanted to deny my claim. “Your 30-year roof is 25 years old … It is TOO OLD to be covered under your policy!” It took a letter to the Kentucky State Insurance Commissioner to fix THAT problem, and now my home has a brand new roof! I paid my $5,000.00 deductible as I accepted when I bought the policy, and they picked up the other $13,000.00.

Then in June, Gary, my brother in law was in his yard in southern California. He was trying out a cordless lawnmower some Mormon missionaries had brought to him, to make the task easier. Gary was 83, but very active and seemingly in good health for his age. My sister sent me a text photo of him standing behind the mower, and my very FIRTST thought was, “That is going to give him a heart attack!” Less than an hour later, his son called me from Florida to report that Gary was found lying on his back in the yard by my sister, Lynda. She called 9-1-1, but they were unable to revive him.

Gary took those #^%$&* JABS and two “boosters” as well. As a Mormon Elder, he wanted to visit patients in hospitals, to give them the Mormon blessings, etc., according to his religious beliefs. That is fine, but the hospitals FORCED him to get The jabs of absolute and irreversible death in order to have that privilege. He took the jabs, and dropped dead shortly afterward. There was no autopsy, so I cannot PROVE that the jabs killed him, but I am not stupid. I will NEVER take that Agenda 2030 forced depopulation cocktail into my bloodstream, an evil poison cooked up by that mentally deranged psychopath Bill Gates and that greasy sewer rat Anthony Fauci. I feel so helpless, as I watch my “jabbed” friends die, one after the other.

I did add several X-TOOL lasers to my shop, along with some other tools in the hopes that I could do a great Christmas Crafts Show in Nashville at the convention center. That dream has faded now. It is too late, and I just do not have the energy I had 12 years ago.

This year is basically over, and I am not even sure we will still have a country, or a currency, or even our FREEDOM, moving into 2024. Biblical prophecy is unfolding before our eyes, and still, people are ignoring the obvious signs.