November 16, 2023

The year is winding down now. I am focusing on setting up the lasers on the second floor of the FrankenBarn, and trying to find the motivation to get out there and “Just DO IT!” It is too late for a Christmas show. I had a great parade float designed, but I could not find any help, and I just ran out of time. So no float this year.

I am working on other projects that are occupying my time and energy now. However, I am still available to make a sign or a project for someone if they want it. I am going to focus on the lasers moving into 2024, even though I still have so many other machines and tools at my disposal.

I sure would like to find some young person who is willing to WORK. Most young people want to stare at their phones unless you offer them $50.00 per hour, and even then, it is rare to find one with a REAL work ethic.

When I was young, I worked in welding shops, and bicycle shops, and sign shops, and ANYWHERE I would be allowed to hang out as a “shop rat” just for the experience and the learning! I never thought about being PAID for the help I was providing! I was just glad to be allowed to hang out there to learn how the machines and tools were being used, how products were being made, and to have the occasional opportunity to use those machines myself!

Young people today can’t even read a tape measure, or work with simple decimals and fractions, yet they all believe they are “entitled” to obscene wages. I am willing to pay someone who has REAL knowledge and REAL experience, but what is a person worth, when you have to show them HOW to “Press ENTER” on a computer keyboard?!? I want someone with at least BASIC knowledge. If you need instruction on how to properly and safely use a drill press, or a belt sander, or a table saw, or you cannot even read a TAPE MEASURE, don’t even ask me for a job!

I am willing to pay someone good money for hard work. However, as my neighbor says, “Anyone WORTH hiring already HAS a job!” Isn’t that a sad statement about our education system? Young males (and females) are graduating high school without even a CLUE about how to do the most basic tasks. Ask someone to change out a simple wall socket or a light switch, and they won’t even know how to remove the cover plate! Ask someone to build a simple wooden stand, and there they are, searching YOU TUBE for guidance! I WEEP for America!

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