Hello, and welcome to my small corner of the Internet.  My name is Joe Jones.  I am a single, retired man, 59, who really enjoys working with my hands and with tools to create, repair, assemble, improve or generally work with things for the purpose of making the world a better place.

After 40 years of living in Southern California, I now live in Franklin, Kentucky and I love it!  The pace is slower, the people are friendly, and this is far removed from the chaotic lifestyle that I escaped.  Life here in ‘Free America’ is like living on a different planet, after leaving endless miles of traffic jams, noise, graffiti, crime, high prices, water rationing and everything else that makes SoCal unattractive.  Sure, “The weather is nice!” but that doesn’t offset all of the negatives that are part of living on the LEFT coast.

I now have two workshops on my property.  Each of them is full of assorted tools and machinery that allows me to do pretty much anything.  I hope to turn these two shops into a side income at some point, making things that interest me and hopefully, things that someone else will want to purchase!

Please use the CONTACT ME link at the top of this site to contact me with your comments or requests. Thank you!

Joe Jones

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