Weekend Training Seminars – Temporarily Postponed

My plans to purchase four more Samson 510 CNC plasma tables from PlasmaCAM have been canceled.  I was preparing to build a 1,200 square foot extension onto ‘FrankenBarn,’ finish out the four guest bedroom suites above the shop, and hold all inclusive weekend training seminars here at my home workshop for PlasmaCAM table owners and operators.  The instruction would have been designed to help DHC2 and 510 table owners actually LEARN how to use their tables and DesignEdge software to “Make Money In Metal Art!”  Additional training and coaching would have continued after the seminars via the Internet, telephone support and other means.

The rigid and inflexible policies of PlasmaCAM, combined with the fact that they have not made any effort to help me make these seminars a reality are the main reasons I am now heading in a different direction.  I regret to report that I have no future plans to offer seminars on PlasmaCAM tables or DesignEdge software.  I occasionally make You Tube videos to help people with issues they are having, but they are very impromptu, and in no particular order.

I still have a view to purchase up to four CNC plasma tables in the future, and teach the software that drives them, both on a private level and as an extension course through Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, however they will most likely be the 4×8 and 5×10 plasma tables manufactured by  JD SQUARED out of Tennessee.  The JD Squared tables are of much higher quality.  I am confident that JD SQUARED will have a vested interest in my efforts to promote the purchase and use of their products and software.

When this training seminar project is ready to launch, I will announce it here and elsewhere on the Net, as well as in trade magazines and other venues.  My seminars will be all-inclusive, offering lodging in my 1,900 square foot guest quarters on my property in beautiful Simpson County, Kentucky, a rental car for each couple to use (when required), meals, classroom training and ample shop time.  Items made by attendees at these seminars can be taken home, shipped home, or sold in my retail outlet in town, or online.

Again, I apologize for the delay in forming these seminars.

Joe Jones