A Lesson Learned

A customer who runs Facebook groups for owners of the old Edsel cars contacted me and asked me if I could produce the Edsel logo from a piece of steel the size of a standard license plate. He was concerned that the curved lines would be too flimsy and too easily bent if they were made too thin.

So being the kind person that I am, I drew up two designs. One design has thicker curved lines and less ribs and the original design in the other photo is the actual Edsel logo.

I drew both of these for him at no charge, and I manufactured one plate of each design and sent them to him in the mail also at no charge so that he could hold them in his hand and decide which one he would like to purchase from me in quantities to sell to the members of his Facebook groups.

The tracking number from the post office told me that they had arrived at his home. Yet future attempts to communicate with him by telephone, email or text messages went unanswered.

I figured he had changed his mind until I checked his Facebook page and saw that he was now manufacturing and selling these very same plates of my design!

Of course he did not mention to anyone that I designed them or that I sent him the Prototypes for the purpose of allowing him to examine them.

I offered to sell them to him at $20 each in quantity but he obviously decided it would be better to ignore me and begin manufacturing them himself, or by using the help of another friend who has a CNC plasma cutting machine.

Display your plates proudly on your cars, gentlemen! They were originally designed and manufactured by an HONEST man.