Stock Up on FOOD! 11-22-2023

I don’t need to tell you about the coming food shortages and the collapse of the economy.  I will bet that you are unaware of the fact that 92 major food processing plants in America have been purposefully DESTROYED by the evil bastards who are pushing the “New World Order” and “One World Government”.  

The Klauss Schawbs and Anthony Faucis and Bill Gates’ of the world, who embrace AGENDA 2030, which dictates that SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE MUST DIE by 2030 in order to achieve their criminally psychotic “sustainable GLOBAL population of ONLY 500 Million people” are doing everything in their power to make sure that YOU are among those seven billion people people who THEY have decided MUST DIE, because it is “convenient” for THEM to not have YOU around, costing TAX DOLLARS THAT YOU PAY INTO THE SYSTEM to FEED you and to SUPPORT you through Social Security, or Welfare, or any of a thousand other reasons they place ZERO VALUE on your life.  They call us “USELESS EATERS!”

They are trying to kill off the population through abortion, and forced injections of death they call “vaccines,” and food shortages, and staged riots, and fake pandemics, and laboratory grown artificial meats, and ridiculous “vaccine passports”  … “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!”  They are planning to herd the remaining population into “smart cities”, which re nothing but concentration camps.

Oh, sure!  You can bury your head in the sand and PRETEND that everything is okay, but that will NOT stop what is coming.

I know… “Money does not grow on trees, Joe!”

Believe me, I understand.  However, if you have ANY means to build a food supply to have on hand in case of hard times ahead, now is a good time to make that happen. 

This is LONG TERM STORAGE food.  You may think, “I’ll buy all of this food and NEVER eat it!  The money will be WASTED!”  Think of long term food storage like INSURANCE. you pay insurance premiums for your car, and your home, and you may even pay for things like alarm systems, and more.  You probably pay a monthly insurance premium on your SMART PHONE that will repair or replace it if it is broken!  You spend money every month or every year that is seldom if ever USED for your benefit.  It is INSURANCE against a potential massive loss.  Don’t you think you should have some INSURANCE against STARVING TO DEATH?

This food is packaged and manufactured to have a 25 YEAR shelf life.  It is an investment in your future security.  It is like paying insurance premiums.  You get it, and USE IT during that time, and REPLACE the items you ate with fresh supply as time goes on.  If you do this, your entire supply will never get old, because you are rotating things out and replacing them with new things.  Have your regular meals every day, but toss in a package of creamed corn, or apple cinnamon pastry, or whatever!  TRY everything, and buy MORE of what you LIKE!

Many years ago, I spent a small fortune sending out sampler buckets to several friends.  The buckets contained “ONE OF EVERYTHING” the company made at the time.  They were not cheap!  The purpose was for you to OPEN the buckets, and TRY all of the foods inside, and then ORDER larger quantities of the things you liked most!  NOT EVEN ONE OF YOU who received these buckets has even TRIED any of the food.  “Ew … that is that survival food!  It probably tastes like wet cardboard!”  

Those who received these buckets … Do you still  have them?  Do you even know WHERE they are, in case you need to grab them when you evacuate your home? “Oh Joe!  That won’t happen!”  REALLY?  Remember LaHaina?

No, you probably will not want to make long term storage food your ONLY source for food.  We are not living on the Moon YET.  However, if things get bad … and I mean REALLY BAD … if things get to the point where it isn’t safe for you to drive down a public street … or go to a grocery store to buy a bag of food … or stop into a restaurant for a meal … that freeze dried package of lasagna that you make by adding boiling water, stirring it and letting it reconstitute for a few minutes and that powdered fruit juice or milk, or those pancakes and maple syrup will taste really GOOD, when it isn’t safe to leave your house to run to WalMart for a can of stew, or a loaf of bread, or a gallon of milk, or a bag of apples. That is of course only IF you will even be able to shop for groceries like that in the future.

I know you want to believe that everything will always be the same.  “Joe, This is America!  We will ALWAYS be able to run to the grocery store to get what we need!”  I am sure the people in Zimbabwe, and Venezuela, and Cuba, and North Korea, and so many other countries all said the same thing.  I have to wonder how many people went grocery shopping during the BLM riots that were happening in their towns …

I go to WalMart, or Piggly Wiggly, or The Dollar Store, and I look at the grocery store shelves and I think, “Are we living in Venezuela?”  The shelves are REGULARLY MISSING about 60% of what is normally THERE to purchase.  Lunch meats, milk, canned foods, meats, eggs, produce … take the time to LOOK at what is in your stores, and you will SEE the shortages all around you.  Oh, they may display four jars of mayonnaise on a shelf, but it will only be ONE JAR at the front of the shelf, not six jars deep like it used to be.  Take the time to LOOK at what is NOT THERE to purchase.

It is so odd … You are willing to make monthly payments on a car, or a home, or a big TV to watch.  Why do you fool yourself into believing that you will enjoy any of those things when you are HUNGRY and you cannot buy food because it is either not available, or it is not safe to leave the house, or your government digital food card FORBIDS you to buy more food during a given period of time?

WISE FOODS is a good food company that I trust.  They are having a great SALE right now on long term storage food.  I can only point you to the website.  It will be up to YOU to take action.

Look at their offers, and look at the links in the RED BAR across the top of their web page.  There are MANY options for stocking up on something that really WILL be valuable in a collapsed economy.

Dave Kimball has helped me to purchase some long term storage food.  I will not tell you how much I have and neither will he, but I won’t go hungry.  That is certain.

I cannot make ANY promises, but I believe Dave is an honest representative of the company who will help you get the BEST price, and the MOST value for your purchase, and he is a really NICE FAMILY GUY!  Tell him, “Joe Jones Sent Me!”  He should know my name.  Here is his email address:

dkimball (at) readywise (dot) com <— formatted to avoid SPAMBOTS!

PLEASE do this for yourself.  I do not want to hear about my family and friends going to sleep with empty stomachs, or being attacked or killed while out trying to purchase food.


November 16, 2023

The year is winding down now. I am focusing on setting up the lasers on the second floor of the FrankenBarn, and trying to find the motivation to get out there and “Just DO IT!” It is too late for a Christmas show. I had a great parade float designed, but I could not find any help, and I just ran out of time. So no float this year.

I am working on other projects that are occupying my time and energy now. However, I am still available to make a sign or a project for someone if they want it. I am going to focus on the lasers moving into 2024, even though I still have so many other machines and tools at my disposal.

I sure would like to find some young person who is willing to WORK. Most young people want to stare at their phones unless you offer them $50.00 per hour, and even then, it is rare to find one with a REAL work ethic.

When I was young, I worked in welding shops, and bicycle shops, and sign shops, and ANYWHERE I would be allowed to hang out as a “shop rat” just for the experience and the learning! I never thought about being PAID for the help I was providing! I was just glad to be allowed to hang out there to learn how the machines and tools were being used, how products were being made, and to have the occasional opportunity to use those machines myself!

Young people today can’t even read a tape measure, or work with simple decimals and fractions, yet they all believe they are “entitled” to obscene wages. I am willing to pay someone who has REAL knowledge and REAL experience, but what is a person worth, when you have to show them HOW to “Press ENTER” on a computer keyboard?!? I want someone with at least BASIC knowledge. If you need instruction on how to properly and safely use a drill press, or a belt sander, or a table saw, or you cannot even read a TAPE MEASURE, don’t even ask me for a job!

I am willing to pay someone good money for hard work. However, as my neighbor says, “Anyone WORTH hiring already HAS a job!” Isn’t that a sad statement about our education system? Young males (and females) are graduating high school without even a CLUE about how to do the most basic tasks. Ask someone to change out a simple wall socket or a light switch, and they won’t even know how to remove the cover plate! Ask someone to build a simple wooden stand, and there they are, searching YOU TUBE for guidance! I WEEP for America!

2023 Has Flown By Without Me

Here it is, September 10th already, and things are just not happening. I had every intention of getting back at it, and making 2023 a fantastic year for new products and designs.

Life had other plans. I took the opportunity to trade in my 2018 Ford F150 which was a BEAUTIFUL truck. I drove home in a new 2022 F250, which is very nice, but a completely different beast. I wanted a truck with more UMPH! More towing capacity, and more ability to tow larger trailers. The trade off was the additional expense of course, along with moving from 22 MPG to 10 to12 MPG. I notice the extra fuel costs, but I have come to love this truck as well.

A huge April storm ripped shingles off of my roof, and did other damage, as well as much worse damage to 87,000 other homes in the area. So I had to wrestle with my insurance company, because they wanted to deny my claim. “Your 30-year roof is 25 years old … It is TOO OLD to be covered under your policy!” It took a letter to the Kentucky State Insurance Commissioner to fix THAT problem, and now my home has a brand new roof! I paid my $5,000.00 deductible as I accepted when I bought the policy, and they picked up the other $13,000.00.

Then in June, Gary, my brother in law was in his yard in southern California. He was trying out a cordless lawnmower some Mormon missionaries had brought to him, to make the task easier. Gary was 83, but very active and seemingly in good health for his age. My sister sent me a text photo of him standing behind the mower, and my very FIRTST thought was, “That is going to give him a heart attack!” Less than an hour later, his son called me from Florida to report that Gary was found lying on his back in the yard by my sister, Lynda. She called 9-1-1, but they were unable to revive him.

Gary took those #^%$&* JABS and two “boosters” as well. As a Mormon Elder, he wanted to visit patients in hospitals, to give them the Mormon blessings, etc., according to his religious beliefs. That is fine, but the hospitals FORCED him to get The jabs in order to have that privilege. He took the jabs, and dropped dead shortly afterward.

There was no autopsy, so I cannot PROVE that the jabs killed him, but I am not stupid. I will NEVER take that Agenda 2030 forced depopulation cocktail into my bloodstream, an evil poison cooked up by that mentally deranged psychopath Bill Gates and that greasy sewer rat Anthony Fauci. I feel so helpless, as I am watching my “jabbed” friends die, one after the other.

I did add several X-TOOL lasers to my shop, along with some other tools in the hopes that I could do a great Christmas Crafts Show in Nashville at the convention center. That dream has faded now. It is too late, and I just do not have the energy I had 12 years ago.

This year is basically over, and I am not even sure we will still have a country, or a currency, or even our FREEDOM, moving into 2024. Biblical prophecy is unfolding before our eyes, and still, people are ignoring the obvious signs.





My long awaited SIX INCH Rail Riser Kit is now available! (Limited stock on hand.) This kit will raise the rails of the PlasmaCAM DHC2 (4×4) and the Samson 510 (5×10) tables 4.25 inches, to give your table fully SIX INCHES of Z clearance when combined with the PlasmaCAM (CSU) Customizable Size Upgrade for your DesignEdge license.*

This opens up a lot of possibilities! For example, this will allow you to lay a 6″ square or rectangular tube onto the grates and cut key slots along one side.

With a little “Redneck Engineering” and some out-of-the-box thinking, it also opens up the possibility of cutting PIPE up to 6″ in diameter WITHOUT the costly PlasmaCAM pipe cutting attachment or the software upgrade!

The kit is available in limited quantities for both the 4×4 DHC2 tables ($1,000.00) or the Samson 510 tables ($1,200.00). It will also work on the older 4×4 DHC tables, giving you 5-1/2″ of Z clearance. Each kit has all of the hardware necessary for BOLT-ON installation. NO DRILLING IS REQUIRED! This kit WILL NOT VOID your PlasmaCam warranty!

The kit includes a new extended length ACME screw for the Z motor, and an extended dust cover. It also has an extended length backing plate.

The corner brackets retain the original factory positions for the rails, and the 510 kit has extension blocks that raise the center joint of the two rails to the new height.

Several of these kits have been installed already, and the owners LOVE them!

  • The (CSU) Customizable Size Upgrade to DesignEdge software is REQUIRED in order for your table to make full use of the six inch Z configuration. This upgrade can ONLY be purchased directly from PlasmaCAM for $998.00

To purchase this kit for YOUR table, contact me at